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The Gaite Market 15/25 June 2017

15 June 2017 | 25 June 2017

Bevagna, small agglomerated situated in the center of Umbria and added between The Village More Beautiful in Italy, will host again his Gaite Market, a historical re-enactment ofdaily life of commune between 1250 and 1350. The word Gaite means 4 district (San Giorgio, San Giovanni, San Pietro e Santa Maria) wich was divided in ancient time. The manifestation isn't a simple "Feast of Medieval Crafts", with its shops and inns, is a real race, so that the Gaite organize their markets independently and compete among themselves in 4 challenges to contend the winning prize. in these 11 days, modern Bevagna blend with that ancient, where between music, juggling and theatre for the streets the habitants of village leave their clothes to wear the garments of nobles, peoples, craftsmen and magistrates. A real dive in history!

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