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Amelia is a commun in the province of Terni, in Umbria. Originally known as Ameria, according to the mythology founded by King Ameroe, is a city of ancient origins: it was certainly among the first Italic centers. Catone, cited by Pliny in Book III of Naturalis historia, states that the city was restored 963 years before the Roman War against Perseus, king of Macedonia, and then in 1134 BC. Testimony of such a landscape are the megalithic walls (VII-VI century BC), visible for a small section in the upper part of the city, within the perimeter of the monumental polygonal walls (IV-III century BC), which, together with those Romanesque and medieval villages, cede much of the town for about 2 km.

MONUMENTS AND PLACE OF ART: Megalithic Walls, The Cathedral, Church of San Francesco, Church of San Clemente, Monastery and Church of San Magno, Municipal Theater, Romana Door, Pre-Roman necropolis in the area of ​​the former Consortium of Agrarians, with remarkable funeral kits.