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Grutti is a village in the municipality of Gualdo Cattaneo (PG). The village is south of the commun capital, approximately halfway (9 km) between Massa Martana and Todi. It lies on the so-called Petrosian Plateau, at 506 m s.l.m. The name of the village comes from Grotte or Grott'ombra, terms with which it was designated in the Middle Ages and later, due to the area rich in caves and grottoes excavated in the travertine boulder extending to S. Terenziano; in the past, these were used as shelter for animals or even as anti-aircraft shelter during World War II. Some documents indicate that such sites were used as catacombs by the first Christian faithful to take shelter, followers of bishop Tuderte San Terenziano. It is believed that the country was founded (together with San Terenziano) in the Augustan period by Roman colonists. In 1116, the pre-existing castle was encircled by defensive walls and towers, by gentlemen of the Ghibelline faction; in 1347 was promoted in Villa.

MONUMENTS AND PLACES OF ART: The Castle (XII century), with a square tower 20 m high and 8 m wide; The church of S. Maria d'Agello (XIII century), in Romanesque style. It is built in travertine on the remains of an ancient abbey, with a rooftop roof. It houses an apsidal fresco from the 15th century.

MANIFESTATIONS AND ECONOMY: Agriculture, thanks mainly to olive and sagrantino (wine), is very developed. In August, the festival "August to Grutti" takes place, during which medieval life scenes, with the historical procession and the Palio del Giogo, are set up.