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Gualdo Tadino

Gualdo Tadino is a common in the province of Perugia, in Umbria. Is known as Tarsina, was subjected to Rome by changing its name to Tadinum. Its inhabitants, Tadinates, are remembered by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia. The Roman town hall, located near the long chain of the Tadinati Apennines and crossed by the important Via Flaminia, 117 miles from Rome, became a city with urban fabric of nearly 13 hectares, as evidenced by the archaeological excavations that have recently opened in the word Taino.

Distance: 58 km

MONUMENTS AND PLACES OF INTEREST:Fortress Flea, Monumental Church of St. Francis (14th century) with frescoes by Matteo da Gualdo (1435-1507), Regional Museum of Emigration "Pietro Conti”, House Cajani “Cultural Center”,  Cathedral of St. Benedict (XIII century) with fountain (XVI century), Palace of the “Podestà” and Civic Tower (XII century), Church of Santa Chiara (XIII century), Archaeological excavations of the Roman Tadinum.