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Narni (Narnia in Latin) is a common in the province of Terni in Umbria. According to recent unofficial studies within its territory, is  the geographical center of Italy. The area around Narni was already inhabited in the Paleolithic, as evidenced by the finds in some of the caves of which the territory is composed. Around the beginning of the first millennium, the Osco-Umbri settled in the area calling Nequinum their settlement. In 300 BC The citadel returned to the interests of Rome, who besieged it with Consul Quinto Appuleio Pansa, but gained unsuccessful results in view of its unprecedented position. It is not known for sure when the city of Narnia changed the name to Narni, but this probably happened gradually over time from the thirteenth century to become effective after the revolution.

Distance: 52 km

MONUMENTS AND PLACES OF INTEREST: Bridge of Augusto, Priori’s Palace, Communal Palace, The Fortress Albornoziana, Eroli’s Museum, Theater communal Giuseppe Manini, San Girolamo’s Castle, Narni Underground , Aqueduct roman of Formina, The Cathedral, San Cassiano’s Abbey , San Francesco’s Church and San Domenico’s Church.