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Spello is a common in the province of Perugia in Umbria. It is located at the foot of Mount Subasio and is about 5 km from Foligno and 30 from Perugia. Spello was founded by the Umbrian then called Hispellum in Roman times. It was declared by Cesare "Splendidissimo Cologne Julia". The remnants of the city’s wall, much wider in the past than we can admire today, attest to the greatness that the city had, as well as the archaeological remains that surround it. Devastating for Spello was the descent into Italy of the Barbarians who made it into a poor township. In the longobard and frank era it was part of the Spoleto’s duchy, then passed to the Papacy. But the town, remembering the prosperity and relative autonomy enjoyed in Roman times, was not long after becoming free with their own laws. In 1516 the municipality was infused by the Pope to the Perugine family of the Baglioni, which belonged to it until 1648.

MONUMENTS AND PLACES OF INTEREST: Consular Gate: main entrance of the Roman city, Limassol Subasio, with medieval square tower and three republican marble statues.

Walls augustee and Urbica’s port: about 2 km, one of the most significant and intact murals of Italy.

Venetian Gate and Properti's towers: Augustea, very harmonious, with two powerful twelve-century Roman towers.

Gate of the Ark or Capuchins: Roman, northern entrance to the city.

Communal palace: in which there are Roman inscriptions, two portraits of the age Flavia.