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Spoleto is a common in the province of Perugia, in Umbria. Is a town inhabited since prehistoric time. The first evidence of settlements dates back to at least the age of the final bronce (XII-XI century BC): the most important finds came to light at the top and on the slopes of Sant'Elia where many centuries later the Albornoziana Fortress . During the Iron Age Spoleto was one of the largest Umbrian centers, dominating the Umbrian valley. There are numerous burial grounds with rich kits dating back to the VIII-VI century BC. Found mainly in the Piazza d'Armi’s necropolis.


MONUMENTS AND PLACES OF ART:The Fortress Albornoziana: Rises at the top of the hill of Sant'Elia where it dominates the Umbrian valley. It has two inner courtyards and six towers, including the one commonly called "the spirited", and the "pinnacle room", frescoed with 15th-centurypaintings.

Druso’s Arch: Roman, built along the urban route of Via Flaminia, which was inaugurated in the 23rd century on the forum (current market square), in honor of Druso minor.

The Spada’s palace:Home of the textile and costume Museum.

Racani Arroni’Palace: With its sixteenth-century monochrome graffiti.