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San Terenziano

San Terenziano is an ancient village whose origins date back to the 1st Century of the Roman era when it was called "Locus Petrosus" from the Latin stony place due to its abundance of Travertine quarries and Calcareous stones. During the Emperor of Hadrian they were translated the remains of Terenziano, who was the first bishop of Todi to be killed with Flacco for the Emperor's will and named after San Terenziano. There are many places to visit including the famous Castle built in the 14th century with local stone with a squared plan. The entrance door still has the coat of arms of L'Aquila and is flanked by a large square tower, to get to the castle the road is very simple leaving the farm "La Casella" you take the main road leading to San Terenziano (+/- 3km). At the first crossroads of the village you turn left to the center you will be able to park in the main square in front of the Castle.

From the Castle you can visit the church of S. Terenziano and Flacco built in the XI century with a Romanesque lower part hosting the sarcophagus containing the saint and a top built in the thirteenth, the altar of the upper church now houses a reliquary with the The ashes of the saint after the operations of 1715. To get there is very simple, once you leave the castle, continue straight ahead then take the little road that goes to the right and then turn left. You will find the church at the end of the avenue in front of you.

In addition to the Church of Terenziano and Flacco not far from the walls of the Castle we can find the Church of Our Lady of Grace, which is a modest construction in local stone, on whose facade was inserted a Renaissance architraved portal, on the architrave is carved an Agnus Dei Inside wreath with ribbons, and there is the date 1495. The interior is very reworked, especially from a pretentious recent painting. The hut cover is interrupted by a large round arch that also serves to delimit the presbytery area encircled by a stone seat. On the bottom there is a very small edifice, in which there is a Madonna with the Child of the '400, and partially remodeled. To get there just go back to the church in the square and take the road near the Castle, always straight ahead you will find it on your left.